A few days ago I posted an article here about Lindsay dating a good guy and stuff, but turned out it was false. Like I said before, I couldn’t confirm if it was true or not, but now Lindsay herself said it’s not true! So I think it’s valid to clear things up so no one will take the article as a 100% true story.

I thought In Touch could finally be honest and use a true information but right now I’m sure this will never happen.

23, August - Leaving Chiltern Firehouse in London, UK

Anonymous asked: A message for the anon, 6-1-2-6 posted her full interview with the sun.

There you go, anon!

Thank you for the information. <3

Anonymous asked: Do u know where in ny lindsay lives?

She lives in SoHo.

Anonymous asked: do u know where i can find lindsay's interview with the sun?

Unfortunately I don’t :( there’s a few quotes from the interview over the internet, but not the full article.

Lindsay arriving at a building on Friday (August 22) in New York City’s SoHo district